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Plan in Malawi

Plan established itself in 1994, in Malawi. Plan-Malawi works in a large number of villages in the middle and north of the country: in and around the capital Lilongwe; in the rural area around the village Kasungu, about 200 kilometers north of Lilongwe; and in the rural area in around Mzuzu, 350 kilometers north of Lilongwe. The activities are coordinated from the office in Lilongwe.

Food security and malnutrition

Plan provides food aid when needed, whilst working on l onger term projects to address the issue of food security. They monitor distribution to ensure that food does not go missing, and give directly to women and children to help ensure it goes into homes and not the market place.

Longer term


Part of Plan's strategy is to introduce new high-yield crops such as soya beans, fruit and vegetables as well as high yielding varieties of maize and peanuts. They are introducing water conservation techniques to help shorten the hunger season. Plan has also encouraged families to try raising animals, and brought in grain mills and seed presses to help families earn a cash income.

Plan works in very poor districts of Malawi, in Lilongwe, Ksununga and Mzimba, where more than half the children have stunted growth as a result of malnutrition.

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